Why Goat's Milk?

Goat’s Milk Is Renowned For It's Richness In Protein, Vitamins,

Minerals & Natural Moisturizers.*

                       ~ No Harsh Chemicals
                       ~ Natural Emollients
                       ~ Over 50 Nutrients
                       ~ Vitamins A, C, B1, B6, B12 & E
                       ~ Minerals
                       ~ Naturally Occurring Glycerin
                       ~ Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (helps remove old/dead skin cells)
                       ~ Amino, Caprylic & Citric Acids
                       ~ Enzymes
                       ~ Other Nutrients That Nourish & Revitalize Dehydrated Skin*

Most big-brand soaps contain harsh chemicals that can irritate and dry out
the skin. The glycerin is also removed and used in other, more profitable
products such as cosmetics, medicine, printing inks, etc.

Instead, Farm Maid Goat’s Milk Soap is made from natural, gentle
ingredients that leave skin moisturized and soothed. Plus, the glycerin
remains in our soap -  providing skin with deep moisturizing benefits!*

Many people prefer the gentleness of goat’s milk soap and for those who
have sensitive skin or eczema, goat’s milk soap is a godsend.

The "ph" of Goat Milk Soap

Many goat milk soap companies use the pH of goat milk as a selling point of why it is good for your skin.  Although I agree with them that it is better for your skin - using the pH of the milk is not a good reason.


The surface of our skin naturally creates a barrier called the acid mantle. This barrier helps to keep out viruses & bacteria (and other yuckies and nasties).  This barrier is normally a little acidic, with a pH of 5-6.  Most handmade soap has a pH of 9-10. 


I believe people get confused because the pH of goat milk is usually around 6 and the pH of water is 7 (neutral).  This may lead to the misconception that soap made with goat milk has a lower pH than soap made with water. This is simply not true - nor is it sound science.


The pH issue is often used as a marketing ploy.  One marketing phrase is to say that a cosmetic is "pH balanaced". This can mean many things: balanced to 7; balanced to match a target area; balanced to not vary more than 2 points on the pH scale; and more. Another pitch is to say that a “low pH” soap, body wash or cleanser is better for your skin.  Our skin barrier can be impacted negatively by something as pure as distilled water and a lower pH cleanser will affect the acid mantle - just as a higher pH one does. Generally speaking, the pH of the soap you use is a non-issue because our skin replaces the acid mantle quickly.


Goat milk soap is better for your skin - not because of the pH - but because of the vitamins, nutrients and moisturizers that the milk provides. Give it a try and feel the difference.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information and these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.