What percentage of goat milk is your soap?


Sometimes we get asked, "How much goat's milk is in your soap?" or "What percentage of goat milk do your bars contain?"


The question regarding milk percentages kind of depends and may not tell the whole story. 

Often times it refers to the amount of milk compared to the amount of oils. In this case - our soap would be considered a 25% goat's milk soap.  Again, there is more to the story...

The breeds of goats that we use for milk provide higher amounts of solids (fat, proteins, etc) in their milk than some breeds.  This allows us to use less milk (which provides a harder, longer lasting bar) than some other companies, while still providing lots of extra moisture & nutrients. If we were to use milk from a breed with less solids, we would need to use a higher percentage of milk to achieve the same amount of soothing moisture. Then the bar would have a higher liquid content and thus the soap would be softer. However, we would get to say that our soap contains 33% milk. ;o)

To complicate things, the base oils also play into the chemistry of moisture balance in the soap. As an example, soaps that are too high in coconut oil can cause dryness. Contrarily, soaps that do not contain enough "hard" oils may be over moisturizing and can also tend to mush away and not last very long. Our soap has a great balance between moisture, nutrients & bar hardness. 

We have many repeat customers - customers who have happy skin!


Try it....my bet is...your skin will be happy too. :o)


Kathy, for the whole crew